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  • Useful Party Tips

  • Useful Party Tips!

    Organizing a children's party can be very stressful! Hopefully the following tips should help.

    How long should the party be?

    Keep the party to a maximum of 2 hours, that's more than enough for most kids.

    The Guests

    Don't invite more children than you can handle, if you have hired a hall aim for a maximum of 30 children. If the party is at home, about 15 is more than enough. Also, and this is most important, try to avoid wide age ranges. If you're entertaining the younger children, the older ones will get bored and vice versa.

    BJ offers a different kind of entertainment for children 4-7 years than for children 8-12 years. However there are occasions when you are at a party with a 'mix' of children of all ages, this is usually at Christmas parties and holiday parks. In my experience older children will sit through the magic tricks aimed at younger children as long as you explain that there will be some games and magic which they can join in very soon. Having said that, if you can avoid a wide age ranges, do so. It makes life easier... for the entertainer.

    The Entertainer

    If you're going to hire an entertainer for your party, remember to book early, good entertainers like BJ get booked up well in advanced. If you've never used an entertainer before, places like Google, Facebook and even your local yellow pages are a good place to start. Better still ask your friends an try to find out if someone has already seen the entertainer perform.

    Remember if you book BJ as your entertainer for a 2 hour performance, he can also include a disco with music, party dances, games, balloon modelling and the magic show itself.


    When enquiring about the cost of children's entertainers, you will find that the fees can vary from cheap to very, very expensive. Very expensive does not always mean the best, find out what you're getting for your money, ask him or her to go through the timetable for the party. Will the children get balloon models? What do they do whilst the children eat?

    BJ's rates are competitive. Being a father of two children. I know how much money children cost and it is for this reason and this reason alone that my prices remain very competitive.

    Who's Who?

    It's a good idea to put name stickers on the children so that both you and the entertainer know who they are. Children are also easier to control if you use their names.

    The Venue

    Show your guests where you are, secure colourful balloons outside the venue to aid lost parents and the entertainer. Make sure there is ample parking close to the venue for the entertainer, he will have props to unload.

    The Games

    If you are running games yourself before the entertainer arrives (good luck!). Hope this helps. Keep the games simple, try to avoid elimination games, and arrange for any prizes won to be put safely to one side until home time. Believe me it saves a lot of tears.

    Food and Drink

    Keep the food simple, and don't get carried away, BJ has seen many a table still topped up with left over food at home time. Consider preparing individual meals boxes for each child in advanced.


    Please do not give out, squeakers, whistles or balloons, etc, notice I underline balloons, don't even leave them on the floor at the start of the party. They might look good but it only takes a couple of noisy characters to spoil the enjoyment of the majority, and when every child is running around with a balloon it is much harder to settle them down for the entertainment. It's also not a good idea to offer the children food, sweets and drinks during the show, it causes a distraction and the children won't be able to participate while clutching ice-cream or cola. Use the show as a time to quietly prepare or clear the table, but remember leave the furniture until the end, you don't want to cause any unnecessary noise. Also please clear any toys away before the performance.


    Toddlers don't understand what's happening at a party, to avoid accidents please ensure that any toddlers are kept clear of the games and magic performance area. They can very easily get trodden on or attempt to take items from the entertainers table. You may think this looks cute but every time it happens, the magic show has to stop. Mum or Dad's lap is the safest and best place when the performance is underway.

    Photographs and Video

    Most entertainers have no objections to taking photos or videos of the magic show; after all it's your child's party. But think about the entertainer before proceeding, don't distract the audience from the performance, and avoid the performance area. Magicians especially will not be impressed if you start wandering behind them during the show. Talk to the entertainer before the show and he will indicate the best photo opportunities, and where he doesn't wish you to stand.