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  • Childrens Entertainment

  • BJ Entertainment offers children's entertainment for

    Children's Birthday Parties, Teenage Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Fun Days, Galas & Fetes, Shop Promotions, Schools, Nurseries & Playgroups, Public Houses, Restaurants, Holiday Parks, Social Clubs, Wine Bars, Night Clubs, Private Functions.

  • Show 1 Includes

    Children's Magic, Balloon Modelling, Puppets, Games, Party Dancing and Music

    Typical Show Time: 2 Hours

    Fee's From £120.00p

  • Show 2 Includes

    Kids Disco, Karaoke, Party Games, Party Dancing and Balloon Modelling.

    Typical Show Time: 2 Hours +

    Fees From £120.00p

  • Balloons During Kids Shows

    Balloon modelling goes hand in hand with the children's Magic show as each child who become Magician's apprentices has a balloon model made for them. This is fun and fascinating to watch and so no children go home disappointed, each child is made a simple balloon model to take home at the end of the party.


    Mix and Mingle Balloon Modelling

    BJ can also provide balloon modelling on a one to one basis while on the move (mix and mingle). This activity works very well at fetes and fun days, events and festivals, in-store promotions for shops and pubs/restaurants serving food. This gives your customer the 'personal touch' as each receives a balloon model.


  • Children's Disco & Karaoke

    Remember BJ's Disco & Karaoke is not just a disco with the latest chart music and lots of flashing lights... It's 'entertainment' which includes party games, party dances and karaoke. This entertains the children and keeps them out of mischief! It is suitable for children's parties of all ages (the karaoke works especially well with children aged 8 to 11 years). The Disco also works hand in hand with the children's magic and games show to provide a party to remember.